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The Loser List Take Me To Your Loser

Age Range 8-14 Years
Binding Hard Cover
Language English
Size 21×15 cm
Pages 230 pp


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Danny’s gotten REVENGE and broken his JINX. He might finally shed his LOSER status once and for all … but where would be the hilarity in that? Danny Shine is just trying to avoid wrestling Bruiser Pekarsky in gym — that’s why he goes to the info session about running for class president. Even when he’s forced to put his name on the ballot, Danny isn’t worried. With Chantal Davis running, no one will even know he’s there. But when Chantal gets disqualified, she decides to throw her support behind Danny. Now he might actually have to step up and lead the 7th grade … and find out that sometimes, even when you win, you lose!

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Dimensiones 15 × 20 cm